Matching needs with resources.

What we do and how we help

The HELP Center is an umbrella community service organization. There are a variety of programs that we offer which fall within our scope of service. We are contstantly evaluating our existing programs and implementing new ones. In the list below there are the descriptions of the programs we currently offer to the community. 

Child Advocacy Program Maggie's House - A Child Advocacy Center

Maggie's House works to reduce the re-victimization of the smallest child victims of abuse and neglect. Maggie's house works closely with county law enforcement, Child Protective Services, County and District Attorney's Offices, medical and mental health professionals to ensure that these cases don't fall through the cracks and that these victims and their families have the strength to heal and become whole again after their victimization.

Free counseling provided to Child Advocacy Center clients Counseling

Free counseling provided to Child Advocacy Center clients and their non-offending family members. Free counseling to Pregnancy, Education, and Parenting clients. Psychiatric services and medication management are not provided.

Information and Referral service United Way HELP Line

Provides Information and Referral service to assist individuals in locating the resources to match their needs. The United Way Children’s and the Assistance for the Elderly Fund provides financial resources for county residents in need. The HELP Line screens applicants to ensure documented need. Some needs that are supported in this program are utility assistance and emergency medication.

a free in-home case manager to assist young parents New Beginnings/After Baby Comes

Provides a case manager to assist young parents with pre-natal information and parenting education, encouragement and support. Referrals can be made by physicians, nurses, school staff or community members.

children's group for non offending family members and for the child victims of abuse or neglect OVAG

Provides a family advocate for the families that are served through the Children’s Advocacy Center. It also provides counseling in group settings for the child and non offending family members of the children served by the CAC.

Pregnancy, Education and Parenting

A free drop out prevention program for pregnant or parenting teens in six districts in Henderson County. Services include transportation, counseling, parenting and life skills education, free licensed day care to parenting students and case management.

Student Assistance Program

Provides counselors at local school campuses on a contract basis. Services include counseling and crisis intervention.

Henderson County Teen Abstinence ProgramHenderson County Teen Abstinence Program

The Henderson County Teen Abstinence Program provides evidence based programming in grades 6 – 12 regarding sexual health to local schools across Henderson County. The program provides positive presentations to over 1500 youth annually regarding the benefits of abstinence until marriage and helps teens understand the decisions they make today affect their dreams in the future. The Center has been providing this program to youth across Henderson County since 2006.

Helping Crime Victims from Crisis & Beyond Helping Crime Victims from Crisis & Beyond

HELPing Crime Victims through Crisis & Beyond provides crisis intervention to victims of crime, through crisis management at the crime scene with case management and throughout the criminal justice process. From the time of deployment to the crime scene and through prosecution, intervention services are extended to the primary and secondary victims. Services are provided to law enforcement, criminal justice agencies and other victim service agencies in Henderson and Smith counties. The program ensures that no victim remains a victim.